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Class actions lawsuits are a powerful tool used in situations where there are many possible plaintiffs claiming a similar harm from a product, drug or policy. These actions replace regular lawsuits. This means that a company or organization will only need to defend a particular claim one time, no matter how many plaintiffs claim injury. Plaintiffs also benefit because each alleged victim does not need to hire their own attorney. Defending a class action claim requires the help of experienced litigators. The attorneys at Harris & Harris, LLP represent businesses, manufacturers and other groups in class action proceedings.

Understanding the class action process

Class action suits don’t happen automatically just because there are many plaintiffs alleging the same harm. In order for a lawsuit to become a consumer class action, an attorney or law firm must team up with a plaintiff or small group of plaintiffs. This plaintiff becomes known as the lead plaintiff or representative plaintiff and stands to receive a larger award if the case is successful. The attorneys will present the case to a judge and ask the court to turn the suit into a class action by “certifying” the class.

When can a lawsuit become a class action?

In order for a suit to be certified as a class action, it must satisfy four criteria. Plaintiffs must show:

  • Commonality – that the plaintiffs’ claims are substantially about the same thing
  • Adequacy – that the named plaintiffs and their attorneys are able to represent the class appropriately
  • Numerosity – that there are enough plaintiffs to justify a class designation
  • Typicality – that the representative plaintiffs’ claims are typical of all claims within the class

The members of the class must also be clearly identifiable. For example, a class could consist of all of the patients who received a certain implant or all subscribers to a certain service at a specific point in time.

Crafting a strategy to defend your business

Our attorneys work with Alabama clients to determine a litigation strategy and course of action. Depending on the risks and exposure involved, we may argue against the certification of a class or use other pretrial motions. At trial, we use medical, economic and scientific experts as necessary to prove your case. We defend clients in class actions involving:

  • Antitrust
  • Consumer fraud
  • Dangerous drugs
  • Discrimination in the workplace
  • Discrimination in the marketplace
  • Medical device defect
  • Product defect
  • Shareholder fraud
  • Toxic tort

Our attorneys understand the complex procedural requirements and steps involved in defending a consumer class action.

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